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I'd like to particularly mention a few people who added to my Bicon,
in no particular order, i particularly enjoyed spending time with, and would like to thank [ profile] penguinsteph, who listened and understood some important things for me, as well as giving me some wise words from someone who is in a unique position to understand some things. Also for my gifts all the way from Japan!
[ profile] drdoug, [ profile] slightlyfoxed for fun, silly company and conversation, and for all of the helpful books for my doula training
[ profile] shevek for being a gentle soul to whom i enjoyed giving the gift of listening,
[ profile] some_fox and [ profile] werenerd who helped me dewibble, and were lovely, loving gentle people to be around (as well as fun and interesting). That late-night herbal tea and quiet chat was just what i needed.
[ profile] nyecamden for understanding, and looking out for me,
[ profile] bethanthepurple for being funny and huggy
[ profile] darkwaterfairy for
[Bad username or site: friend of tofu @] and [ profile] alexteifling for being friendly geeky gamers,
[ profile] postmodern_minx for interesting conversation and company,
[ profile] bathtubgingirl and [ profile] spikeylady for giving me some wonderfully affirming words,
[ profile] snagglepat for talking to me about doula-ing, and [ profile] bunnypip for showing up at just the right time to talk about what it's like to *have* a doula
[ profile] syllopsium for the quacky ducky of doom who steals your soul (this definitely contributed to my Bicon happy, although it may not have done much for the eyesight of some of the other attendees!
[ profile] just_becky, [ profile] cloudwalker_9 and [ profile] mortice for interesting chats

Also [ profile] wriggler and [Bad username or site: > and <lj user=weegoddess @] for being lovely flatmates, with [ profile] wriggler providing the entertainment, providing the cake of mmmm, and [ profile] weegoddess for providing the enthusiasm.

Despite the hill, i enjoyed the setting for Bicon for this year, with the beautiful rolling green bowl of the hills, and being able (from C block) to watch people coming and going to workshops and accommodation, and hello-ing. Watching the mist rolling in over the hills was quite lovely.

Wasn't much up for wild partying, dancing and the like, finding it quite hard to get into that headspace, but staying up late talking to people actually did me good i think. Silly fun and games workshops helped to ease me into socialising and coming out of my shell, and more serious talky/activisty ones were better for me than i realised they would be, getting my brain out of pointless angsty circling, and into interesting thinking mode.
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Except it's not yet post-Bicon for me yet. I'm still here.

Useful informational for anyone trying to work out who the hell i am.

I'm 5'2", glasses, curvy. Not all that noisy this year. Long light to mid brown hair. Blue eyes. Didn't wear makeup at all this year. Wore lots of long skirts with Thai fishermen's trousers underneath.

Lots of people were very nice to spend time with this year. Thanks for being nice :)

Shall be interested to see if i gain anyone on the flist..
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Right - i'm screening all comments.

Who's planning to go to Bicon, and who would like to share a flat?
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If you met me at Bicon and have either just friended me, would like to friend me or i have just friended you - now is the time to speak up!

Hello to new bicon peeps - i mostly post at least friends only, and often filtered, so unless you friend, you won't read!

I want to try to stay in touch with a lot of people, and lj is good for this..

Please leave your message after the tone, *beeeeeep!*..........
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*barely restrained excitement!*


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