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i'm going to have to take Daisy to the vet tomorrow as her abcess hasn't healed. She's probably going to have to have an operation tomorrow and it's all very worrying. And some of my plants were stolen :(

I did ok with my clients today though so i can afford her operation.

Lazy me

May. 6th, 2003 01:26 pm
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I am still at home glued to the computer. I have been finding out about becoming a midwife, natural/homebirth, and talking to someone i met on a website.
I might be going out in Brighton tonight with someone i met on the internet, but i don't know any of the details yet as i am waiting for her to message me. The flippin' assistant on Gaydargirls keeps giving me the same message again and again, so i've shut it. I'll have to reopen it and check it in a minute. Daisy's cage is being washed now, and i have a sleepy rat on my lap. I'll give her a bath in a minute when she's woken up.
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I am normally at work on a Saturday, so this is unmitigated luxury, eating leftover Eshna's Nutrition indian takeaway (the best Indian takeaway outside the East End of London, and possibly within it too) which is actually even nicer cold than hot.

It's chicken pathia with pilau rice and a peshwari naan. Yum. Although the popadoms seem to have become strangly bendy.

Soon, i will have a nice cup of tea, (organic Celon, organic semi-skimmed milk and sugar - hooray, fully organic!) my favourite.

Daisy my rat is grumpy today, her cage needs cleaning and i think the light wakes her up. She has lots of allergies and one of her eyes is all runny, which can't be nice - does anyone know a natural treatment for this?


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